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Panthea, the Goddess like essence of Nature

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Panthea, a poem by Oscar Wilde

"Nay, let us walk from fire unto fire, From passionate pain to deadlier delight, Asking those idle questions which of old Man sought of seer and oracle, And no reply was told."


Walking the Tao

I will now take you on a journey. We will walk a Tao or way to an idea about an entity that I call Panthea - a Goddess for today and tomorrow. Our trip takes us beyond the failed theisms of the past, and that is good. This can open up new horizons of powerful understanding that may be more satisfying to you than where you have been before. At the end of our trip, you may perhaps join me in my comfort with this idea.

A Rational Paradigm

We will need no supernatural assistance in this journey. The only vehicle that you will need is your mind. But your mind must be mechanically sound, well greased with reasonability and fueled with self honesty. The reward for your enlightenment will be a higher level of sanity, a more satisfying spirituality, a broader base for morality and enhanced wellbeing.

An Essence for Existence

Panthea is from the Greek 'pan' meaning 'all' and 'thea' for 'goddess'. For me, neo-Pantheism is my rendition of Pantheism based on the Panthea concept and the ensuing ideology and moral behavior that is formulated. Panthea is a hypothesis that our Universe has an essence to it similar to that of a goddess.

A Consilience

Panthea is a high-concept worthy of our awe and appreciation, She is a:

  • reasonable notion that fulfills man's need to know why
  • fusion of the Cosmos, Nature and human thought
  • the causation of all innate and living things
  • eternal, evolving entity
  • a necessary existence
  • omnipresent entity
  • rationality
  • verity:
  • singularity
  • subsistent idea
  • non-judgmental operator
  • mid-point for real dualisms
  • mentor for human morality and ethics
  • entity understandable by science and rational spiritually
  • complexity of the forces, laws, harmony and order of Nature
  • grand, powerful, creative, mysterious and beautiful composite
  • modern potent paradigm for people and life on this planet

Panthea is neither a divine personality nor a supernatural being. She is a composite of all that is. All is her and she is All. She has the above attributes by definition and you will find on closer examination that they are all reasonable at least to this author. How you preceive them is up to you.

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"We shall be notes in that great Symphony Whose cadence circles through the rhythmic spheres, And all the live World's throbbing heart shall be One with our heart, the stealthy creeping years Have lost their terrors now, we shall not die, The Universe itself shall be our Immortality!" - Wilde

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